With almost everyone having a world of information at their fingertips every waking second through mobile devices, the role of marketing has changed in recent years. Traditional advertising is not as effective as it once was, with a more informed audience looking to trusted brands rather than specific calls to action. Successful marketing today needs to build that trust, create the brand relationship that leads to sales, and that requires a different approach.
Content marketing achieves this by providing something of value to your audience. Instead of overt sales techniques, content marketing gives information that is useful, building a connection with the brand generating the trust that leads to sales. Not only is it a highly cost-effective approach to your marketing, but a contest-based approach is proven to be effective.
With studies showing content marketing generates as much as three times as many leads compared to traditional marketing approaches, it offers incredible value for businesses of any kind or size. Here at Ferus Solutions, we understand how important it is to build trust and engagement with your audience and create bespoke content marketing solutions to meet your needs and budget.
Our professional team create unique content that delivers value to your audience, providing interest and engagement while establishing you as a voice of authority in your market. The other advantage of truly valuable, quality content is that we live in a world of social media, where sharing things you like is second nature. Not only does our content build engagement with your current audience, but it encourages sharing, delivering your brand to others and organically growing your audience with it.
In this way, your audience help grow your business by doing exactly what they are already doing every day, introducing your brand to new prospects without the negative association with overt sales techniques and marketing materials.