There is no denying that the majority of your audience, whoever they may be, use online searches to find the products and services they need. In fact in the United States, that can be as many as 97% of people, depending on the exact market sector. Having an online presence makes sense then, but with every competitor also online, standing out from the crows is a challenge.
It is a challenge for your audience too, when presented with search results that include pages and pages of options, 75% of searches say that the paid ads make it easier to find the product, service or information that are after. Being high in the search results then, is only one part of the equation for maximizing your online reach. Here, the paid ads found at the top of searches, is another. It is highly effective too, with 63% of searchers saying they click on paid ads, it is a large audience you can’t afford to ignore.
Those ads work on a principle of PPC, paid per click. That is, you pay for each click of the ad, making it a cost-effective approach to get visitors to your site or offer. However, to make the most of this opportunity requires an understanding of the PPC platform, data driven identification of the audience and continual optimization of the campaign to maximize effectiveness.
As experts in the field, we carry out a complete analysis of your marketing, competitors and audience to ensure optimal performance, and develop a cohesive strategy across platforms that maximizes the reach and effectiveness of your PPC ads.
No online campaign exists in a vacuum, ensuring that your PPC campaign integrates with other online presence, including social media and websites, is part of our development process, giving prospects a cohesive, professional brand image from their first point of contact with you. In addition, continuous data analysis allows ad refinement throughout the campaign to maintain performance across multiple platforms, again, specific choice depends on your unique situation and audience.
With a complete, turnkey solution, our tailored approach ensures your marketing budget is directed effectively, targeting your specific audience needs to ensure effective outcomes that meet all targets.