Today, studies show that in the United States 79% of the population has a social media profile, and every day that percentage is increasing. What that means for business is simple, having a presence on social media is not a luxury, it is an essential aspect of your online activities, because that is where your customers are.
In fact, the majority of those social media users expect you to have social media accounts, and not having one has a negative impact on brand image. But just having an account is not enough, customers expect a cohesive social media presence that fits with your brand and other web presence, delivers valuable content and interaction with those consumers.
We offer a complete solution for your social media marketing, that begins with a complete analysis of your current presence along with identifying key competitors and their performance. With that analysis, we are able to develop marketing campaigns that delivers high-engagement content for your audience that builds the relationship and encourages sharing, growing your reach organically. By assessing the most effective social media platforms for your individual audience, we maximize effectiveness and efficiency, delivering your message to prospects where they are active and looking for information and solutions.
Our campaigns leverage your website and other marketing provision, integrating with them to elevate your image and increase brand awareness, using the most beneficial methods suitable for your unique situation. This may include targeted content delivered through your social media accounts, targeted social advertising and managing social reputation, or any combination of them all.
In addition, we provide complete data analysis to allow accurate, fast tracking of your campaign to optimize audience and reach and ensure value from all activities. This comprehensive solution is tailored to your specific needs, with each campaign as unique as your business, ensuring optimal performance and exceptional outcomes.