Now, more than any time in history, we live in a visual world. The internet has placed an unlimited amount of information within our reach, so much that it can be overwhelming when searching for answers to any question. That is perhaps one of the reasons video has become such an important part of every day life.
Today video is more than entertainment, but a way of consuming information, so much so that 85% of American internet users watch online video. As large as that number is, the remarkable thing is it is still increasing, and is a proven way to grow traffic for any web page. Statistics show that a web page with video content can more than double the amount of organic traffic It receives compared to one without, so not only does video engage your audience, it is a fantastic way to grow your brand awareness and reach too.
As video specialists, our team at Ferus Solutions have vast experience in delivering the engaging, effective video content that your audience will love, across a wide variety of platforms. From social media videos to video advertising, content for your website to digestible Facebook videos, whatever is needed we deliver quality, effective solutions.
From a company video to informative content about a specific product or service, ads to easily shared shorter videos, we provide the complete solution for your needs. This includes everything from scriptwriting to shooting, pre and post production along with editing, graphics and YouTube or SEO optimizations.
With guaranteed high-quality production values, our professional video solutions deliver content that enhances your brand identity, helping to distribute your message to a broader audience, finding new prospects and enhancing your reach. We create bespoke solutions to meet your precise needs, delivering content specifically designed for your audience to ensure performance and increased ROI for your marketing.